Bangladesh is a md-humayun-kabircountry of potential human resource for the global job market. Every year almost 6-7 hundred thousand skilled, semi and unskilled work force step in the field. Due to lack of adequate employment opportunities in home, many desire to present themselves in the overseas employment markets.

In view of the above I, the Proprietor of the “KABIR OVERSEAS” indulge myself in the Human Resources Employment trade and have been in the business, for the last two decades.

Through our house, we have supplied several hundred thousand, skilled, semi and unskilled workers in the Middle Eastern Countries, i.e K.S.A, UAE, QATER, OMAN, BAHARAIN and KUWAIT.

We have supplied substantial number of workers to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Maldives.

Our business office is located in the heart of the Capital City, in a befittingly communicable place. We have all the paraphernalia to handle any recruitment for the overseas employers.

Hope to be depended and co-operated by the interested employer’s and we shall be up and doing in serving them up to their satisfaction.

Md. Humayun Kabir
Kabir Overseas